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Welcome to Rowan Class!

We have 14 pupils in our class, 7 females and 7 males. Miss Whitehead will be teaching Rowan class every morning. In the afternoons, we work with the Year 6 children. Miss Whitehead teaches on Monday and Friday afternoons, Mrs Williams on Wednesdays and Ms Catchpole teaches on Thursday. We also work with a specialist PE coach Mr Segrave, who will teach PE on Tuesday afternoon. Mrs Anderson, Mrs Want and Mrs Clarke are our Teaching Assistants.

Spring term 2020

This term we will be covering a geography topic, we will begin our module on The Mediterranean Region with map work looking at how different types of information can be displayed on maps and thinking about what makes a continent. We will then take a zoom lens approach, moving from the macro to the micro, whilst identifying core opportunities for learning at each geographical scale. In science we will be looking at 'Earth and Space', we will be using the theme of sci-fi across the curriculum. Please see our curriculum information sheet for more details.

What do you need for school?

You will need:

To know if you are having school dinner or a packed lunch and what your after-school arrangements are (going home on the bus, going to Puffins, going to a club, being picked up or walking home on your own).

Your reading book, reading record and any completed homework.

A drinking bottle of fresh WATER.

A fresh fruit snack for break time.

A coat or waterproof jacket - we work and play outside in all weathers!

Outdoor shoes and a change of clothes for the school field in winter.

Your PE Kit (team coloured T-shirt, shorts and trainers, plus track suit type trousers and top during the winter months). This is kept in school for the half term.

A warm hat and gloves in cold weather.

A sun hat during in hot weather.

All stationery is provided so you do not need a pencil case.

Feedback to improve our learning

In Rowan Class, We all have been involved in a dialogue about the high expectations we have of all pupils. Effective feedback involves a dialogue between to identify what has been done well and the next steps to learning. Pupils are regularly given verbal feedback about their work and areas to work on. Where appropriate, we use pink highlighting to identify where we are 'Tickled Pink' that the Success Criteria (expectations set out at the start of the lesson) have been achieved. Green highlighting identifies a next step (Green for Growth). Children are also encouraged to self-edit and correct or improve something using their purple polish pen. For more information, please do ask your child, read our policy or speak to us directly.

List of Non-Negotiables

In Rowan Class we are particularly focusing on:

ALL marking responded to
No 'OK' as a response
Sensible faces (as part of pupil self-assessment)
Success criteria written
Correct letter formation and joined handwriting
Start writing at the margin
Write on the line
Spellings copied correctly
Capital letters
Full stops, Exclamation marks, Question marks
Their, there, they're used correctly
To and too used correctly
No doodling or scribbling
No rubbing out

DUM TUMS (Date, underline, miss a line, title, underline, miss a line, success criteria)