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Ash African Drumming

It is our aim for pupils to enjoy a variety of musical experiences whilst they are at Petersfield. Music is usually taught as a class activity. We use the online Music Express curriculum to deliver our main music curriculum. This includes the teaching of musical knowledge, concepts and skills are part of a broad and balanced curriculum, based on the skills of: singing and performing, composing, listening and responding to recorded music.

In order to deepen their skills as musicians, pupils will be shown a variety of instruments and music and asked about how they help us to engage emotionally and physically. They will be taught how to respond to music compositions and musical sounds so they can create and compose their own musical ideas and compositions with an increasing level of independence and recording as they move throughout their school career. Children are encouraged to identify and play a selection of instruments, with their sounds, patterns and contrasts in music spanning a range of genres, and use them to combine a range of instruments and voice/body to create percussive and melodic compositions.

We enable children to enjoy music through the development of listening skills and musical appreciation of live and recorded music. We use the BBC 10 pieces as part of our wider listening and appraising across the school and ensure good coverage of the history of music including living composers. Children are invited to choose music to listen to in our Collective Worship and assemblies. Teachers use the 2021 model music curriculum document to help engage the children in age appropriate music and a wide range of repertoire and musical genres. Children learn about a wide range of musical periods and of significant composers throughout Britain and the world in both lessons and in whole school sessions.

They will be encouraged to sing regularly with a view to perform at least annually to a wider audience. The vocabulary children use to discuss music will be built on each year. Each class has music playing during the day, this is to provide a pleasant and calm environment and to further more explore the variety of musical styles and periods.

Black History Music
Peripatetic Musical Tuition

Pupils have the opportunity to learn to play the piano with Mrs Lynn and many instruments in a band in the Rock Steady group, such as electric guitar, drums, and keyboard and use their vocals.

Hollands Cup

This cup is awarded half termly to a musician who has been recognised for outstanding musical achievement in school music lessons. It was presented to our school by Mr Don Hollands, a long time good friend to our school, pianist and a past parent. In July 2021, we introduced the Hollands Trophy in memory of Mr Hollands. This Trophy is awarded to a child who has excelled in their extracurricular music activities and we invite nominations from music teachers who work at Petersfield and those who teach our pupils outside of school. In July 2021, this new trophy was introduced following our inaugural virtual music extravaganza where pupils who learn an instrument in school or at home were invited to contribute to a virtual performance.

The Young'uns

This amazing folk band have visited our school on four occasions and worked with both the whole school and with Pine class, as part of “When Cambridgeshire Sings”. They have explored British Values, history and our locality through music. We look forward to working with them again soon! Most recently, they took us on a time-travelling journey, stopping at key periods in Orwell’s history. At each stage we took part in activities and sung songs linked to that time. For example, we went back 100,000 years to when there were lions, hyenas, bears and other animals living around here. We learned about the Barrington Hippo which was discovered in the Barrington Cement Works and can be seen in the Sedgwick Museum in Cambridge. We listened to a song all about the Barrington bones! We really enjoyed learning and singing the sea shanties and we learned that the sailors used them to create a rhythm for when they were working together. They also sung them to bring people together and motivate themselves.

This time we created an anthem which celebrates all the good things about Petersfield School. They performed our anthem in our assembly at the end of the day.

We're Petersfield school we sing out loud
Five strong trees we're standing proud
Ash, Elm, Pine, Rowan and Yew
With love and peace we'll sing to you

We're Petersfield school, we're Petersfield school
Together we work and play
We'll grow up smart with love in our heart
We're Petersfield school - hooray!

A recording of the Petersfield School anthem is available to watch on the school website below.

Rock Steady Music.jpg

Click here to listen:

Petersfield School Anthem
Bert Trautmann Chants
Peasants' Revolt Rap

As a result of 'When Cambridgeshire Sings', we are excited to have have teamed up with Historic England to develop this project further! We look forward to working with them again soon!

Young Voices

Each year pupils in Year 5 and 6 have the opportunity to go to the O2 to be part of the biggest choir in the world! We learn the songs and then sing to the whole school in a special celebration assembly.

Rock Steady Young Uns

Latest News

22nd Oct - School is now closed for the half term holiday. If you have a Covid case in the next 2 days, please do contact the school via the school email. Remember the clocks change and Monday 1st November is an INSET day! School will reopen to pupils, parents and visitors on 2nd November.

22nd Oct - Today is dedicated to the memory of Martyn Green.

22nd Oct - Following Parents' Evening, a copy of your child's report has come home today.

22nd Oct - Well done to our Year 6 children who have suggested the basket ball club, set it up, organised the resources, practised and are now ready to run taster sessions. Don't forget to complete their sign up sheet after half term!

22nd Oct - Wow! Our Ash and Elm Black History Celebration was beautifully presented to KS2.

21st Oct - Thank you to all the parents and carers who joined us for Parents' Evening tonight.

21st Oct - Today saw the first of a two-part Collective Worship where pupils shared their curriculum learning, their work as part of Black History Month and linked this to our theme of being a 'light' to others.

20th Oct - Our Year 5 and 6 Playleaders completed the morning of training ready to support their peers at break times after the half term holidays.

21st Oct - Thank you to everyone who joined us for tonight's parent-teacher meetings. These are so important in supporting the children's learning.

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